December 2017


EMTICS has entered its final phase, i.e. data analysis and publication of the clinical data (as described earlier, animal model data have already been published over the past 2 years). The past 6 months have been dedicated to the finalisation of the data cleaning process, thanks to the constant dedication of Andrea Dietrich and Pieter Hoekstra in UMCG, Groningen, and the Database team of the Istituto Superiore di Sanita’ (ISS) in Rome.
An error-free statistical database, containing all clinical and laboratory data, is almost ready for circulation, and the Codebook has already been circulated across the whole group in November.
A call for paper proposals has already been sent out, with an initial internal deadline on the 5th of December. Everyone is invited to suggest further paper proposals in the next period, which will be amalgamated and integrated in order to foster collaborations within our large group and avoid overlap.

The article presenting the methodology of clinical studies is in its final revision, and the aim is to submit it by the end of the year. This will be a first important contribution to inform the whole scientific community on the complexity of the work performed within EMTICS.

We are also waiting from laboratory teams for more results to be inserted in the main database. The labs of Alexandropouli (genetics) and Bari (anti-neuronal antibodies) will provide results in December-January 2018.

We are all looking forward to the crucial work that will be undertaken in the next months and to the final general assembly that will take place in Madrid (May 2018)!