Rairing 66
CH-8108 Dällikon

Project leader

Mr. Adrian Urwyler
Phone +41 4393 1024 4
Fax +41 4393 1024 4


Institute presentation


Cytolab (registered in the Swiss trade register), with Adrian Urwyler as the sole proprietor, located in Dällikon (Switzerland) is specialised in biomarker measurements. For the performance of its services Cytolab uses the flow cytometry technology in connection with multiplex-beads. This aforesaid method, in combination with commercial assay kits and optimising procedures in the laboratory allows for the measurement of more than 250 human and 100 mouse biomarkers.

A clear advantage of the applied approach is the highly increased sensitivity (in other words enhanced detection levels) compared to traditional technologies such as ELISA and it thereby renders the accurate and repeatable measurement of even smallest changes (e.g. cytokine level in serum of a healthy test person) possible. Furthermore, the method requires substantially less sample material for a measurement (e.g. at least 60% less compared to ELISA). Cytolab has measured over 50,000 biomarkers since taking up business in 2007 and is continuously and successfully expanding its business activities nationally and abroad. The longstanding experience in the required field could bring a valuable contribution for EMTICS and would ensure the application of a reliable, cost-efficient method for the determination of relevant immunomarkers.

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