Catania University

Catania University
Dipartimento Medicina Interna e Patologie Sistemiche
Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Policlinico
Via Santa Sofia 78
95123, Catania Italy

Project leader

Prof. Renata Rizzo
Phone +39 3402 6470 99
Fax +39 9549 5673

Project staff

Dr. Mariangela Gulisano
Phone +39 3287 0566 61
Fax +39 9542 0908


Dr. Paola Valeri Calì
Phone +39 3299 4298 04



Institute presentation

Il Dipartimento Materno Infantile e Scienze Radiologiche at Catania University, Italy, is a leading institution for basic and clinical paediatric research. The Department is organised in different Sections, Laboratories and Centres. The Section of Child Neurology, headed by Professor Lorenzo Pavone, has been involved in several research and clinical projects on Neurometabolic diseases (EUROGLYCANET, FP6), Infectious diseases, Epilepsies, Behavioural Neurology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurogenetic syndromes, Mood and Autism spectrum disorders and other neuropsychiatry disorders such as ADHD and conduct disorders. The Child Neurology Section has access to about 1000 new child and adolescent patients per year. The clinical and research team include a total of seven child and adolescent neurologists, two psychologists, one post-doc and ten trainers. The centre has inpatient, day hospital and outpatients facilities. Embedded within the Section of Child Neurology is the Tourette Clinic, headed by Professor Renata Rizzo, and specialised in top level clinical care and research of TS. The Tourette clinic has access to about 70 new patients with TS per year. The research is directed at clinical phenotype characterisation, aetiology, comorbid disorders and efficacy and safety of pharmacological treatments for TS in children and adolescents. Renata Rizzo is an active member of the TS GWAS replication Consortium since 2009. Also, she is a partner of the COST Action on TS (BMBS Action BM0905 European Network for the Study of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome) and of the TS Genetics Consortium (The Southern and Eastern Europe Initiative). Moreover, she has been Principal Investigator and National Coordinator of a national project in child neurology and psychiatry (PRIN 2006) entitled ?Prospective study of children with Tourette, Tic disorders and/or Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder: Relationship to newly acquired streptococcal infections?. She was also involved in a multicentre study on microcaephalia vera, microcaephalies with simplified gyral pattern and microlissencaephalies entitled ?Clinical-genetic network and experimental analysis of ASPM gene product function? (Mariani Foundation 2005). Within her Department, she collaborates with the head of the Scientific Secretary of her University hospital.


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