May/June 2018


Congratulations to all EMTICS participants and external advisors for a productive and very pleasant final general assembly, held in Madrid in May!


EMTICS is finally well into its final phase, which will comprise data analysis and publication of the cross-sectional and longitudinal clinical data. The Methods paper is being submitted in a revised form to European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and will represent the first clinical research output of the study. As you know, animal model data have already been published with success by the Istituto Superiore di Sanita’ (ISS) team in Rome over the past 2 years. The past 6 months have been dedicated to the definitive categorisation of key clinical events captured in the cohort studies (i.e. exacerbations, onset events) as well as of Group A Streptococcus exposure and collation of clinical and biological data, plus further and final data cleaning. Once again, the Groningen team in UMCG with Andrea Dietrich, Pieter Hoekstra, Maren Person and Thaira Openneer has to be commended for their thorough work in this crucial phase over the past 6 months.


An error-free statistical database, containing all clinical and laboratory data, will now be locked for circulation on the 1st of June, and the Codebook has already been circulated across the whole group in November 2017.


A call for paper proposals has been sent out, with an initial internal deadline on the 5th of December. Almost 20 paper proposals have been submitted and approved for analysis of the longitudinal data, which add up to those for analysis of the cross-sectional data. Many of these paper proposals have been discussed in Madrid in short oral presentations. Everyone is invited to suggest further paper proposals in the next period, which will be amalgamated and integrated in order to foster collaborations within our large group and avoid overlap.


Important preliminary results were also presented by the labs of Alexandroupoli (genetics) and Bari (anti-neuronal antibodies) during the Madrid meeting, and we look forward to their final draft which will certainly provide very important results.


The next semester will be characterized by intense data analysis and dense exchange of information and results within the study participants, which hopefully will generate a substantial number of manuscripts to be submitted during the 2018/’19 year. We also anticipate large space to be dedicated to EMTICS data within the 2019 ESSTS yearly conference in Hannover, Germany.


We are all looking forward to the data output now, the most exciting part of this long and ambitious collaborative project. Let’s all stay tuned and keep up with our collaboration!



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